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The recently formed Orlando female vocal ensemble, Belle Voci,  sang for the first time on Sunday, May 1st.  St. Andrew the Apostle Antiochian Orthodox Church highlighted the group for the Orthodox Easter Service with a mass by Gabriel Fauré and anthems by John Ireland and Orlando di Lasso.  Belle Voci was met with rave reviews!

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“I had to send you a “thank you” for your choice of hymns and the theme for today – “Heaven”.   What a blessing it was to me and I am sure to many others.  You are right, there were probably many in the audience who had been impacted by ‘heaven’ last year and this and needed to hear some of that music.  I believe God gives us messages sometimes not only for ourselves but for others we interact with.  Today was such an occasion.  You have been blessed with exceptional talent!  And those who participated in the choir also!   Just “sing me to heaven” anytime!” -Faith

“I can say through personal experience of her performance and teaching that Claire Hodge has an innate understanding of the entire vocal instrument – from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. There is not a day I see Mrs. Hodge when I am not amazed by the freedom with which she uses her voice. Mrs. Hodge will always be my home base regardless of where or to whom my singing career takes me. Not only will I never forget her, but I will never stop learning from her.” – Madelaine


“This is super random, but today my friend tested my range and I went from a B1 to an F6!  Not convinced, I tested myself and actually hit the B1…but still!!! I definitely would never have a range like this without you! Thank you!!! I’m so glad I had you as a voice teacher.” -Amelia

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Claire Hodge
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